Chrome Wraps that are simply Awesome

22 Oct Chrome Wraps that are simply Awesome

What is it about Chrome that makes it so desirable? Is it the shiny bright reflection on a sunny day? Is it the way it makes the clean lines of your car really standout?

We use premium Chrome wraps. Here’s what the manufacturer says:

The Chrome collection offers beautiful colors in a film that is made to replicate chrome or metal plating in it’s primary form or in anodized colored forms. The material itself is made with metallic chrome particles.

The problem is that colour swatches on a screen can’t do justice to the finished result, here they are anyway:

satin chrome


We think it’s best if you zip over to see us, have a coffee and talk through wrapping your vehicle. We can talk you through your perfect chrome wrap colour, we can show you our facilities, you can chat with your team about the detail that we’ll apply to your car, and importantly you’ll see where your chrome wrap will begin.

> Visit our Chrome Wrap Page to find out more about the chrome wraps that we offer. Or start a Facebook chat in the bottom right of the page.



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