Other services

We don’t just carry out Auto Wraps, we cater for more than that! Give us a call if you have a custom idea and we’ll help you achieve what you’re looking for!

ECU Remap & DPF Removal

Removing your cars Diesel Particulate Filter typically is neither straightforward nor necessarily the right thing to do. We can advise you the right way to go about it.

Our ECU remapping services, are steeped in a history of performance tuning and manufacturer technology understanding – speak to our experts today.

Led Lighting + Fitting

The effect of led lights can be eye-wateringly cool. If you are looking for long range boost optics and road-legal spots, then drop us a line today.

Fly Eye Tint

Trying to acheive this look yourself can be time consuming, end up in a botch-job or even MOT illegal result. We’ve got the experience, know how and colours (black, blue, yellow, red, orange) to make it work for your car.


Yup, we can do an awesome range of custom stickers using our high end full width, full colour printer. We do stickers not just for vehicles but for brands and organisations looking to create compelling marketing materials or giveaways for magazines, shows, events and point of sale.

Anything Vinyl related

Our awesome printer and the our diverse product range means we can do custom vinyl, or source and fit the vinyl you need, Like Denim effect, chrome effect, wood effect, furry effect and lots more.


Got a shop front or need smart signage for your business or event? We can design with you, amazing signs that get the message or directions that you need done with a fast turnaround.


Custom banners are idea for your business if you want a semi-permanent display. This could be an all weather banner, or exhibition banners for your roadshow.

Posters & Large Format Prints

Large format posters and eye poppingly crisp graphics can really make an impresion for you and your business. We have the eye-for-detail designers and the printers that can do the job for you.

Lets talk customising your vehicle or your print requirements.
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